Your IP Address is

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What does "your IP address" mean? The numbers above are probably the IP address your ISP has bought from the DNS to allow you to exist on the Internet.
Bear in mind that for a very few people the numbers above will be the IP address of a proxy somewhere between them and the rest of the internet. This is controlled by how your ISP's system is setup.

A quick guide to copying your IP address

Move your mouse so that your cursor is in the following textarea:

Then, in your menus above,

  1. Select Edit > Select All ('Select All' under the Edit menu)
  2. and then Edit > Copy ('Copy' under the Edit menu).

In many systems you can hit the following keys: Ctrl-A and then Ctrl-C.

You should then be able to accurately paste your IP address into another page or application.

Do you want to know what else we can figure out about you?

Your ISP has given your connection this name: This is called a "Reverse DNS Lookup". you can also look up the Reverse DNS for other addresses.

Sometimes you will ask yourself “Whats my IP address?” - you may be away from home or perhaps you don't have a static address or perhaps you have no idea what it is because you need it so rarely. Whatever the reason, when you need to know your IP addres, you don't want to muck around, you want to find out what it is straight away. That little IP number can be quite tricky to derive from the machine itself sometimes, but a quick search on your favourite search engine will take you to and you will know straight away.

So, remember - when you want to know “how can I find out what my IP address is”, is the quickest way to find out.

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